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A super creative web design process, that makes us different

As a web design agency in NYC, we engage in a strategy workshop, user personas, information architecture, pixel-perfect icons, and user interface. We follow every web design process very diligently. As a result, we can develop a mobile-friendly B2B web design that satisfies the user.

Competitor analysis & Strategy planning

While defining our web design strategy, we analyze the competitor data to identify opportunities and threats. Stakeholders sit together to decide on what to do and what not in the UI/UX strategy. We lay out the dots to join.

User persona & empathy mapping

Since every website design is different, we create user personas to define the audience your business targets. This helps in joining the dots to qualitative and quantitative research. This leads us to understand what the user is thinking or feeling.

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We have IA as our secret weapon to present disasters like costly redesigns! Information Architecture helps in organizing, labeling and structuring content in a way that makes the user complete intended tasks in the website journey.

Competitor analysis & Strategy planning

As we gather the IA, we get a fair understanding of composing the screen structure. We start creating on paper prototypes, using navigations and content action for user engagement journeys. Early feedback and less reworks makes everyone’s life easier.

User persona & empathy mapping

As our designers complete the sketches, they transfer the paper prototypes into high fidelity wireframes by defining exact shape, sizes and references of how the actual screen would look like after development.

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The last step is preparing a fool proof guidesheet where we list down the UI guidelines with color pallette, icons, typography and their components. For every design we do, we have a client requirement specific UI guideline.

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Future-Proof Your Website and Increase Your Mobile Traffic

Still on the fence about creating your website or optimizing your existing website design? It doesn’t matter if you own a startup or a large enterprise, you need responsive website design to promote your brand and create a strong digital footprint in this competitive marketplace.

Today, several businesses have adopted responsive web design to gain more page visitors and maximize their conversion opportunities. Despite its growing popularity, however, many companies still settle for static web page design. Don’t fall behind the competition. Capitalize on personalized web design services and deliver the best possible online experience to your target customers.

Studies show that there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users globally. An eMarketer survey also revealed that adults in the U.S. spend an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes on their mobile devices every day. With the increasing prevalence of mobile usage among different locations and age groups, it is imperative that you optimize your existing web design to cater to a wide range of internet users.

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Build A Custom Website That Reflects Your Brand

The WordPress market share is by far the largest worldwide. Statistics show that 59.4 percent of all websites globally utilize WordPress as a content management system (CMS). WordPress powers nearly 35 percent of the internet and is also responsible for the additional 1.1 million domain registrations every six months.

These numbers are not surprising given WordPress’ user-friendly and easy-to-update CMS. With WordPress, you can log in to your website and make immediate changes. It also offers numerous plugin, support and security options to help website owners create a seamless user experience.

Establish a robust digital framework and zoom past the competition with our WordPress website design services. Our WordPress website design agency works closely with your project managers to ensure every aspect of your website aligns with your unique branding and goals. We stay abreast of the latest trends and industry developments to give you WordPress web design services that meet your needs and specifications.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with our WordPress web design agency:

Competitive Advantages of Responsive Web Design

A multitude of different screen sizes exists across devices. As such, it is important that your web page design can adapt to any screen size today or in the future. With responsive website design, you can ensure your website responds to customer needs and the capabilities of the devices they are using.

Here are more reasons Thrive’s web design services are worth your investment:

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Search engines recognize site speed, usability and web content as indicators of a website’s value. SEO-optimized websites with a responsive web design rise in branded and unbranded searches. With our WordPress website design company’s help, you can ensure your site adheres to search engine guidelines and acquires good usability scores.
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With responsive website design, you only need one version of your website that is optimized for all devices. It eliminates the time-consuming process of coding for various systems and streamlines your site development and management. More importantly, mobile responsive web page design reduces your web development and maintenance costs.


Investing in conversion-centered web design services is a cost-effective way to build your web presence and boost your online exposure. A well-optimized website gains more online visibility and attracts the right people. Partner with our web design agency and ensure your business gets seen by your ideal customers at the right time, using any device and browser.


An eMarketer report revealed that 69 percent of consumers utilize their smartphones t o perform product research. This population accounts for 52.6 percent of global web traffic that comes from mobile devices. Our web design company places trust signals on your website and optimizes it for mobile and browser compatibility to transform it into a lead generation machine.


Mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop as the ultimate choice for internet users. Comscore’s data revealed that 70 percent of total digital media time in the U.S. is spent on smartphones. Invest in our WordPress website design services and get a responsive website that provides a positive experience to online users regardless of device.


According to Smart Insights, the global retail conversion rate on mobile devices is 1.82 percent. Capitalize on WordPress web design services to increase your site’s mobile-friendliness and boost your conversion rate. Responsive web design not only moves your customers to the sales funnel but also complements your social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
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Six out of 10 shoppers indicate that a website’s mobile shopping capability is critical in brand selection. With 30 percent of Google searches conducted from mobile phones, having a responsive website design is imperative to achieving online success. Thrive’s WordPress web design services are built to provide your page visitors with a positive, engaging mobile experience.
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Enhanced user experience improves brand image and increases online trust. A Smart Insights research study showed that 65 percent of customers provide a better viewpoint of businesses when offered a seamless mobile experience. With a responsive web page design, you don’t have to worry about your website’s readability and navigability. Our WordPress web design services build and reinforce your business identity with user-friendly site design.

Our Testing Process

A Web Designing Company in Canada That You Can Trust Upon.

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QA Department

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With each passing day, websites have started to gain importance like never before. The reason being, more and more people are spending time with the virtual world of the Internet. In order to gain their attention, businesses have started to come up with websites that represent their work so that there is the right audience giving them attention. To ensure that your website is attractive, there is the need for good web designing, and there can be no one better than Onqanet to help you with it. We being one of the most sought after web design company in Canada, we ensure that our clients own websites that represents them perfectly.

Our services include:

Custom Web Design:
We make sure to fulfill the requirements of the clients and businesses before fabricating a website design for them. We are specialized in professional web design, website redesign, static and dynamic website design, and customized web portals for all kinds of organizations. the website we develop will definitely meet your expectations and match perfectly with your brand’s image for the sake of consistency.

Responsive Web Design:
Creating a responsive web design is our specialty. Our designs are sleek, eye-catching, and perceptive, in addition to fitting all screen sizes perfectly so that the users are impressed right at the first look.

Search Engine Optimisations:
We create only SEO optimized websites for you. SEO gives various improvements to your business.

E-commerce Solution

We Offer many Platform Based Development and customed solution:

1- CMS Web Development
2- Shopping Cart Development
3- Portal Web Development
4 -PHP Web Development (Laravel & Codeigniter)

E-commerce platforms have turned out to be an extremely rewarding venture throughout the last few years. With more individuals making online purchases, e-commerce…

5- Open Cart Development
6- Shopify Customisation
7- E-commerce Web Development
8- Prestashop Customisation
9-Woocommerce Development
10- Big Commerce Development

Technologies we use and tools we trust.

A Web Designing Company in Canada That You Can Trust Upon.

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