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Today, almost 3 in every 4 people use social networks. When you think of social media, you might automatically think of Facebook, and Twitter. However, there is a plethora of social networks out there used by a wide variety of people. Reaching your audience via social media can be crucial to your business. Finding out which social networks your audience is using is key.
When using social media, you want to understand the best ways to reach out to a potential customer or client. Is your target audience using Facebook or are they more active on Twitter? Should you be reaching out via LinkedIn? Maybe you should post your products on Pinterest. There are many decisions to make when it comes to social media, and that’s where we come in.
At Exaalgia, our social media service in  Natures Digital is designed to help you determine which social network is best for your business and our experts will help you stay in control of your brand message across social media networks. We will customize a social media plan that will best fit your company and help you meet your goals. Our Natures Digital social media experts are here to help, so contact us today.

Explore social media service plans


Designed for businesses with basic IT requirements
₹5,000 /month
+GST (18%)
  • 10 social posts per month
  • 2 Social Media Manage
  • 4 boosted posts
  • 8 custom images per month
  • M, W, F boosted post comment monitoring


Designed for businesses looking to eliminate costly break/fix IT services
₹9,000 /month
+GST (18%)
  • 20 social posts per month
  • 3 Social Media Manage
  • 5 boosted posts
  • 15 custom images per month
  • M, W, F boosted post comment monitoring


A fully comprehensive plan for any business size or needs.
Custome Pricing
  • As Per Requirements social posts per month
  • upto 10 Social Media Manage
  • All boosted posts
  • As Per Requirement custom images per month
  • upto 50,000 Followers
  • M, W, F boosted post comment monitoring

Drive results with social media marketing services

Almost 75 percent of people use social media when making a purchase decision. It’s a critical touchpoint for shoppers in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industry, which is why companies invest in professional social media services.

With a client recommendation score that exceeds the industry average by 500 percent, Natures Digital is a trusted choice for social media marketing services. As your partner, we’ll help your business improve its brand awareness, customer loyalty, revenue, and more.

Natures Digital is the industry’s leading social media management agency, offering competitive social media management services. With a custom social media marketing service plan, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

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What do Natures Digital social media services include?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, our social media services offer everything your business needs to succeed on social media. Our social media management services include:

  • Original social media posts
  • Custom images
  • Cover and profile photo design
  • Social media network setup and optimization
  • Social media account audit
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Boosted post ad management
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Data-driven social strategy
  • Dedicated social media account manager
  • Daily social media monitoring
  • Monthly consultations
  • Transparent monthly reports
  • Advanced marketing technology
  • Optional social media services

From original posts to custom graphics to ad campaigns, your company receives a complete (and competitive) social media marketing strategy. Let’s look at each item in a bit more depth.


Where can I market my business on social media?

With our social media services, your business can launch a campaign on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

We specialize in these five platforms due to their popularity among consumers today. While many other social media platforms are available, like Snapchat, we find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer our clients the most value.

Our experienced social media specialists, however, research your industry, audience, and goals to determine the best platforms for your strategy.

While a social media strategy for a dentist, for example, may focus on Facebook and Instagram, a social media strategy for a hiring firm may focus on LinkedIn and Twitter.

No matter your business and market, we tailor our recommendations to you.

Mid-Size Businesses Trust Natures Digital

Their focus on ROI and their innate ability to communicate this information in a way that I understand has been the missing link with other digital marketing firms that I have used in the past.

Our process: How do Natures Digital social media management services work?

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with an award-winning social media management agency like Natures Digital, this section offers a sneak peek at our client experience. And with a client retention rate of more than 90 percent, you can trust Natures Digital provides unparalleled service.

Our social media management process has four steps:

  1. Meet your social media account manager
  2. Receive an in-depth analysis of your social media presence
  3. Get a custom, data-driven strategy
  4. See real, tangible results

Here’s what you can expect during each step of the social media management process.

Meet your social media account manager

When you invest in social media services from Natures Digital, you receive a dedicated social media account manager. This social media specialist oversees and manages every aspect of your social media campaign, from the content of your posts to the design of your images.

Our dedicated account managers go beyond learning your business and competitors, though. They also take an active interest in you and your team. Unlike account managers at other agencies, they know your name, communication preferences, and more.

This approach makes a tremendous difference in your experience as a client. You feel like you can contact your social media specialist with questions. Plus, you’re comfortable asking questions about your strategy, no matter how advanced or basic they may seem.

Receive an in-depth analysis of your social media presence

Once your dedicated social media account manager meets with your team, whether in-person or via a phone call, they take the next step in launching your social media campaign. They conduct a massive amount of research during this stage, looking at your competitors, history, and more.

This research serves as a helpful reference for your social media specialist. It provides them with valuable information about what your company’s strategy will need to do to succeed. Plus, it reveals any unique hurdles or opportunities.

Your dedicated social media account manager shares all their findings with your team. For example, they may highlight the performance of a competitor’s social media strategy. Or, they may showcase the tremendously positive reputation of your brand online.

All this information provides your account manager and business with a foundation for a strategy.

Get a custom, data-driven strategy

Next, your dedicated social media account manager begins developing your custom social media markting strategy. They use their research, plus your team’s feedback, to build a short- and long-term strategy that aligns with your goals.

Your dedicated social media specialist also references industry-specific data on past social media campaigns. This data, exclusive to Natures Digital, encompasses billions of data points. It also provides your business with an unparalleled advantage when it comes to marketing on social media.

See real, tangible results

Once your team approves your strategy, your dedicated social media specialist can start developing your monthly deliverables, like your custom posts, images, and ads. Every month, your team will need to review and approve these deliverables, which is fast and simple with our toolkit.

Following your strategy’s launch, your social media account manager can monitor the performance of your posts, ads, and more. If you have questions, you can trust your account manager to respond within 48 business hours.

In the first and following months of your social media campaign, your business should see noticeable changes in your day-to-day. You may see more orders result from social media, for example, or more comments or questions on your social media pages about your company, products, or events.

This is our goal at Natures Digital.


We create real, tangible change and results for your business.

We want to create real, tangible change for your business. This kind of change can help your company accomplish difficult, long-term goals, like expanding into a new area, hiring additional team members, or launching more products or services.

While this kind of change may seem impossible with our social media marketing services, it is possible. With our digital marketing offerings, we’ve helped our clients generate billions in revenue, millions in leads, and more.

Your company can experience real success with Natures Digital too.

With a custom, data-driven strategy, plus an experienced social media specialist, you can launch and maintain a campaign that achieves your marketing goals. Plus, your dedicated specialist will continue to optimize and improve your strategy to maximize your success.

In-depth: Social media service features

Learn more about our social media service deliverables in-depth to discover how they help grow your brand awareness, online following, and even sales.

Original social media posts

Earn new followers or engage current subscribers with unique and on-brand posts created for your business. Every month, your dedicated social media specialist creates 15 to 75 posts (depending on your plan) for your social media accounts. No post will go live without your team’s approval.

Custom images

Capture the attention of users on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more with custom images for your social media posts. Your dedicated social media specialist, in coordination with our award-winning design team, compiles six to 14 images to maximize the impact of your social media posts.

Cover and profile photo design

Improve brand awareness, plus send positive trust signals, with a custom cover photo and profile photo design. If your social media accounts already feature a professional, on-brand cover and profile photo, your dedicated social media specialist will optimize these images for social media.

Social media network setup and optimization

Launch your social media marketing strategy with optimized social media accounts. If your company’s new to social media, your dedicated social media specialist will create and set up a social media account for your business. Your company will have complete ownership of this account.

Social media account audit

Create a smart social media strategy for your business with a comprehensive social media account audit by your dedicated social media account manager. They will review your past posts, comments, user engagement, and more to develop a competitive and custom strategy for your business.

Brand reputation analysis

Discover the value and reputation of your brand online with a brand reputation analysis by your dedicated social media specialist. They’ll browse social media for negative comments or posts about your company, plus provide recommendations for how to achieve a trusted reputation.

Boosted posts ad management

Do more with social media with up to six boosted posts. Your social media specialist develops your custom ad campaign following audience research and discussions with your team on your company’s goals. For an aggressive ad strategy, try our social media advertising services.

In-depth competitor analysis

Get unmatched insight into the online performance of your competitors with a detailed competitor analysis, conducted by your dedicated social media specialist. With our research, we can spot competitor weaknesses and opportunities for your business, helping you launch the best possible campaign.

Data-driven social strategy

Receive a custom, data-driven strategy for your social media marketing campaign. With advanced marketing technology, which features artificial intelligence and machine learning software, your dedicated social media specialist can develop a strategy that achieves your goals.

Dedicated social media account manager

Work with a dedicated social media account manager on your strategy when you partner with Natures Digital. With their expertise, as well as specializations, they can help your business make the most of its marketing and advertising strategy on various social media networks.

Daily social media monitoring

Trust your social media strategy to perform with daily monitoring by your dedicated social media specialist. Daily, your social media specialist will check on your social media accounts, monitoring the performance and interactions on the posts they produced for your business.

Monthly consultations

Meet with your dedicated social media specialist every month to discuss the performance of your campaign. During your meet-up, your social media account manager will also talk about potential optimizations or improvements to your campaign to maximize the return of your strategy.

Transparent monthly reports

Get a monthly report on the performance of your social media strategy with Natures Digital too. In your monthly consultation, your dedicated social media specialist will review this report with you and make it available for your team to access afterward. All our reports are 100 percent transparent.

Optional social media services

Access additional social media services, like contests, with an aggressive social media strategy. Companies that target up to two social media platforms, for example, businesses active on five social media networks can host up to one contest each year.

Build a social media strategy that focuses on sales

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users. Around 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day. And LinkedIn has over 380 million members worldwide. If your business isn’t on social media, you’re missing out on a huge audience. But it’s not enough just to have a presence on social media. No matter how great it is, organic content doesn’t have the reach it used to. You need both organic AND paid advertising to superpower your online success.

That’s why so many organizations rely on paid social to get noticed, build trust and generate leads. One of the best things about social media ad campaigns is that they let you target hyper-specific audiences. Our social media experts can help you take advantage of deeply granular targeting to find and nurture exactly the right audience. By reaching the people who are most likely to convert, our expert team will maximize the ROI from your ad spend day to day, helping you achieve brand reach, engagement, sales, leads, downloads and more.

  • Dedicated consultants
    Leveraging consumer data, content creation and razor-sharp advertising, our social experts will design and develop campaigns with lead generation and retention in mind. Every element of your social media campaign is 100% customized to YOUR business goals and needs.

  • Evidence-based strategies
    Generate a steady stream of leads with a unique strategic plan for your business. We draw on tonnes of evidence and distil it to the data that counts. This becomes the foundation for a hyper-targeted social strategy ready to achieve your goals..

  • Crystal-clear reporting
    Know how your social ads are performing from day one. Our transparent reporting means you are never in the dark. Get access to a custom dashboard to view detailed performance stats on all your social media ads in one place.

Why choose us

Why partner with a social media management agency?

  • Get industry-leading expertise

  • Maximize in-house resources

  • Reach users in their favorite places

  • Build valuable brand awareness

  • Generate valuable leads

  • Local Agency Know about local market

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

How to hire the best social media advertising agency?

Moving from a purely organic social marketing strategy to spending real dollars on social media advertising can be overwhelming. There are so many guidelines, best practices, tools and rules to learn. That’s why it’s essential to find a social media marketing company you can depend on to squeeze the best ROI.

So, how do you find them?

Start by looking for social media Experts who won’t try and sell you one-size-fits-all marketing services. Look for one that will create a unique social advertising plan tailored to YOUR challenges, needs and goals. Organic and paid efforts are a must, so make sure the company doesn’t rely on only one tactic.

How will you know you’ve found the right social or facebook ad agency? Because they will invest time in getting to know your business, your goals, your target audience, competition and your broader marketing strategies BEFORE they commit to a strategic plan.

It’s not just about the ‘doing’ – the best social media marketing companies will dedicate an equal amount of time to measuring and tracking results. Guesswork will not cut it. Using real data and insights is the only way to refine your strategy and get a long-term sustainable return on investment. If the agency doesn’t talk about tangible metrics, like conversions and sales, don’t stick around. Find out what kind of reports you will have access to. You should never be wondering how your advertising campaigns are performing — an honest, evidence-driven agency will ensure you have the right insights at your fingertips and can make informed budget decisions.

Ready to talk to the best social media agency the US has to offer? Our Experts are ready to help!

How much does social media marketing cost?

Social media marketing can cost as much or as little as you want! The great thing about social media marketing is that you don’t need a humongous budget. For example, you can start advertising on Facebook for just 200 INR per day. The bonus of this is that it makes social media ads an affordable option for small businesses to reach audiences. Facebook Ads’ CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ranges from 200 to 500 INR. So, with less than 500 INR you can still reach over 1,000 people!

As with any digital marketing strategy, the best way to approach social media is with some clear goals. With a razor-sharp strategy, you’ll be amazed by the ROI you can achieve with a relatively small budget.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of social media advertising is that there is a huge ability to scale. Want to reach 100,000 people in a day? Paid media can make it happen.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Social media marketing can cost as much or as little as you want! The great thing about social media marketing is that you don’t need a humongous budget. For example, you can start advertising on Facebook for just 200 INR per day. The bonus of this is that it makes social media ads an affordable option for small businesses to reach audiences. Facebook Ads’ CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ranges from 200 to 500 INR. So, with less than 500 INR you can still reach over 1,000 people!

As with any digital marketing strategy, the best way to approach social media is with some clear goals. With a razor-sharp strategy, you’ll be amazed by the ROI you can achieve with a relatively small budget.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of social media advertising is that there is a huge ability to scale. Want to reach 100,000 people in a day? Paid media can make it happen.

How do build a lead generation funnel using social media?

Learning how to build a lead generation funnel that converts can be a deciding factor in the success of your social media efforts. It all starts with user intent. When most people log onto Facebook, for example, they’re not looking for products and services. They are looking to find out what their friends and family are up to. People want to use Facebook to connect with others. In other words, they have low buying intent. If they want to search for a product or service, they go to Google.

So, is social media a bad place to sell? Not necessarily. It’s all about your approach, and that’s where a lead generation funnel comes in. Use the funnel to draw social media users from a low buying intent to a position where they will become a lead and convert. Here’s the thing: creating an effective lead gen funnel on social media does more than generate sales; it builds a community of loyal customers and brand advocates.

So how do you do it? Start by understanding that a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work. Target different groups of people with relevant content they will want to see. Trying to sell a product directly to a cold lead won’t win over a new customer. Likewise, building content won’t engage those who are already in the considering and buying stages. At the same time, remember that people don’t generally visit social media to look at products. They want interesting, entertaining, high-quality social media content.

Another key element to a social media funnel is remarketing. The stats for remarketing are pretty amazing – when you retarget people with a campaign, they are 70% more likely to convert into buyers.

These are only a few steps to building a lead generation funnel through social media- read our full guide to Facebook Funnels.

How do I get started?

Easy – just get in touch! Start by filling out our short form. We want to make sure you’re a good fit and that we can deliver the results you need. So we’ll start by gathering a few pieces of information about your business. Then we’ll provide you with an in-depth, digital health check (worth INR 2,000) for FREE. The audit will give you a crystal-clear picture of where your business is at, plus an in-depth roadmap, on-boarding process, and timelines to accelerate your social media marketing success.

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