Start Your Engines: The Effect of Page Speed on Website Performance

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Start Your Engines: The Effect of Page Speed on Website Performance

Whenever an individual makes a search on a search engine he expects it to be loaded within just seconds. In case, if it does not load quickly then the individual aborts the search function. One can say, speed holds a vital place in the digital world. In the online world, this speed is termed loading speed or page speed.

What is Page Speed?

Page speed refers to the time taken by a site or a web page to load its content. In the digital world, this is the most important aspect that an organization needs to consider well. If the results are not provided to an individual within seconds, the individual will never come back to your site. Then there are chances that he may switch to your rival sites. Thus, to prevent this, a business organization must look into its page speed.

Effects of a Page Speed

As mentioned before, page speed is a crucial aspect of the digital world. It immediately affects your web performance that too up to a major extent. Here are some of the effects of page speed on the responsive website performance:

User Experience


As stated earlier, page speed is important when it comes to a user. Nowadays, as the pace of the world has increased, people do not wait enough for the results. They need results within seconds. This is only possible when your web page has an excellent loading speed. This will serve the information instantly to the people.

Thus, if your website does not offer the information within seconds, then it will ruin the customer experience. Moreover, this will have a large impact on your sales and other significant things will also be ruined. User experience is directly related to the rankings on the search engines.

Foremost Impression


Page speed is just the first impression of your website. Before having a glimpse at your site, an individual just waits for the page to load. In case, if a person is visiting your website for the very first time, then page speed is the first thing that he will notice. As stated by professionals from web design firm, If your website does not load within a short period of time, then it will set a negative impression on the mind of the individual. Besides this, waiting is extremely frustrating and tiresome in nature. Once a negative image is created then it is hard to turn it into a positive one. People do not visit your site again leaving you with less market share and more negative reviews.

Less Time


In certain cases, if a web page takes a long time to load there are few people who actually have the patience to stick and wait for the page to load properly. Although, it is said that two seconds is the optimum time for a page to load effectively and efficiently. If a page does not load within this much time period then people usually leave that site. Sometimes, people wait for a maximum of five seconds.

But on the contrary, when a site takes a long time to load it is seen that people then spend less time on that particular site and then quickly and swiftly bounce to another site for a better user experience. Thus, it is more of a bad sign than a good one. Bounce rates will increase and time spent on the page will reduce drastically.



SEO rankings and page speed are closely related to each other. The majority of search engines understand the importance of page speed. Moreover, it is also directly related to user satisfaction. There are some search engines that evaluate the customer experience based on the page speed of a significant website. The evaluation tools usually emphasize the loading and interaction with the customer.

Thus, from the rankings viewpoint, page speed is an essential factor. It is true in the case of desktop as well as mobile phone search operations. Other than this, when the loading speed of a page is low, it also affects its SERP, i.e, the Search Engine Results Page.

Page Test

Therefore, it would be right to say that page speed is an important and crucial aspect of a business website. Thus, to assess the loading page of a website, businesses can take a page speed test. This will determine the time taken by a site to load properly. In case, if any bottlenecks are noticed, they can be removed within a short period of time.


In the nutshell, one can say, website performance is largely affected by its page speed. No matter if a website contains great content but if it does not have an optimum loading speed then it will have to face more disadvantages than advantages, Thus, one must maintain an optimum and right page speed.

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